Friday Treat: Renee Fleming

This is still fluctuating inside me since two nights ago.


Friday Treat: Luciana Serra

Perfect for today! This is an amazing documentary / interview / masterclass / everything of a great singer. All in Italian.

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The late hours, the short day light and November rainy weather made me feel a little inspired and wanting to go back to my September holiday to Corfu, so I made this.

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Coming across this video today, I thought: “Please please please don’t!”. I love Angela Gheorghiu and it is undeniable that she is one of the most influential sopranos of her generation. I also like her outdated Diva personality and her being a perfect gay opera lover (melomane as we say in Italian) icon. Said this, I’ll be boring. I wasn’t sure wether this was a bit of camp fun or simply delirium of a Diva, but I am now inclined towards the second one and I think this is simply another, probably a bit desperate, tacky commercial operation feeding off her vanity.

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